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  • Getting Ready Time Part II

    Getting prepared for the upcoming season means being able to answer the questions that make the difference between winning or not. Here are a few ideas.  Coaches; feel free to write in with your answers or own questions to help level up all of us. -What’s your best Offense for different lineups; say for your […]

  • Which basketball shots should we practice? (True analytics story)

    One of the teams using Hoopsalytics offered to share their insights with us for the first ten games of the basketball season. They have been breaking down which kind of shots their team has been taking, and came to a horrible realization: They were 1 for 36 on jump shots. 1 for 36!  And according […]

  • Accountability in Basketball (Pearson’s Law)

    One of the basketball newsletters I receive had an interesting post about Pearson’s Law of Accountability. Pearson developed an idea about performance which has proven true for over 100 years: When performance is measured, performance improves. And when performance reported back, the rate of performance accelerates. Claims are that by reporting back performance, the acceleration rate […]