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  • Example of a leaderboard
    Leaderboards for Basketball Leagues

    Beside individual teams, Hoopsalytics has been providing top-level stats and analytics to various multi-team leagues. And if you’re running a league, your participants will love to have leaderboards showing which players excel in points, assists, rebounds and other categories. Leaderboards can be accessed by anyone with a login to the league Hoopsalytics account, or by […]

  • Managing People – Roles and Permissions

    When you create a program/account in Hoopsalytics, you are able to include other people in various roles to perform different functions and gain access to various parts of the system. This article details the specific roles and permissions available. People in your program can have one or more of the following roles: Admin Coach Player […]

  • Scoring Profiles: Custom Scoring Panels for Scouting, Scrimmages etc.

    Our most active coaches have asked for a way to make it easy to score different types of basketball games or scenarios. For example, for some scrimmages you may just want to chart shots. Or when scouting an opponent and analyzing their game, you may just want to tag their offensive sets. The Scoring Profile […]

  • Playbook sample from a high school team
    A Better Basketball Playbook – Linked to Your Game Video!

    If you watch a lot of basketball game video like we do, you always see things you’d like to remember or share. It could be your team executing one of your inbounds plays really well, an opponent doing something you’d like to steal, or maybe even a YouTube video, Twitter post, or a FastDraw play […]

  • How to Exclude Garbage Time from Your Analytics

    For games that wind up as blowouts, those final few minutes of stat-padding action can negatively skew your analytics. However, you can now mark a place in the game where “garbage time” starts, and filter your analytics to ignore those messy minutes. It’s up to the individual coach to determine when “garbage time” has started. […]

  • How to Create Custom Basketball Stats and Views

    Hoopsalytics makes it easy to create your own custom basketball stats and box score layouts. You can add and remove data, and also change the order in which stats appear. It’s easy to modify the existing Offense, Defense and Key Stats “views”, and create any number of new views. In the example below, I’ve created […]

  • interactive basketball shot chart example
    Interactive Basketball Shot Charts – Next Level Analytics

    Basketball Shot Charts are a very useful way to visualize the various scoring opportunities for you or your opponents. But compared to what they could be, traditional Shot Charts lack some very valuable information. At Hoopsalytics, we’ve created a better Shot Chart system that can uncover more valuable insights for basketball coaches, as well as […]

  • example of basketball game notes with images
    Game Notes with Images and Rich Text

    To help our coaches have a great historical record of their games, Hoopsalytics has a Game Notes feature. You can see how it looks in the image above. This is a great way to add pictures of the scorebook, the crowd, video clips, or any other historical record from the game. You can also format […]

  • player impact reportsample
    Player Impact Analytics

    Basketball is a team game, yet most stats focus on the individual player, rather than that player’s impact on the entire team’s performance. In addition, many coaches want to gauge chemistry – which groups of two or three players generate the best outcome for the team. With Hoopsalytics, we’ve introduced a Player Impact analysis. This […]

  • tracking basketball shot quality
    Measuring Basketball Shot Quality

    One of the complexities of being a basketball coach is measuring shot quality – getting my team to take “good” shots, and making the case against “bad” shots. Although “good” and “bad” are somewhat subjective, there are some shots that are obviously preferred over other shots. For example, layups are always preferred over contested three […]