How to Create Custom Basketball Stats and Views

Hoopsalytics makes it easy to create your own custom basketball stats and box score layouts. You can add and remove data, and also change the order in which stats appear. It’s easy to modify the existing Offense, Defense and Key Stats “views”, and create any number of new views.

In the example below, I’ve created a “Shooting” stats view for my team, where I can isolate on just the data related to how well by players have shot the basketball.

You can create custom views for the following:

  • Player Stats
  • Practice Stats
  • Game by Game Box Scores

How to Modify a Stats View

When viewing stats, you’ll see a couple of buttons to click to customize your stats:

Click either one of these to start the customization process for the current stats view:

Tick all the stats you want to appear in that view, and drag them up and down to change the display order.

You can also tick “Make Default View” to have this view appear first when opening stats.

Creating New Basketball Stats Views

It’s easy to add a new stats view – just pick “Create New View” from the list of available views:

The new view will initially be a copy of the current view. From there, you can customize it like any other view.


Different basketball coaches focus on different stats to determine how well each player and the entire team are doing. By creating custom basketball stats views, you can make it more convenient for head coaches or assistants to quickly access the information they are looking for.

We have had many requests for this feature from our paying customers and coaches. We’re always looking for feedback, so please leave a comment or reach out to us directly if you have an idea that will make Hoopsalytics even better for your program.


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