How to Exclude Garbage Time from Your Analytics

For games that wind up as blowouts, those final few minutes of stat-padding action can negatively skew your analytics. However, you can now mark a place in the game where “garbage time” starts, and filter your analytics to ignore those messy minutes.

It’s up to the individual coach to determine when “garbage time” has started. Some coaches compete all the way through, and others prefer to let the end of the bench get some minutes when the game is out of reach.

How to Mark Garbage Time

When scoring, there is a “Garbage Time” button in the scoring panel when in “Stop Action”:

Once you click “Garbage Time”, any events after that point in the game can be filtered, either for a single game, or for multiple contests with garbage time.

Here’s where to find the filter in Player Stats:


If you accidently mark garbage time too early, you can delete the event by clicking it, and choosing the Delete Event button.

One you add the Garbage Time event, any events after that time are considered in garbage time, and can be filtered accordingly. You cannot go in and out of garbage time.


With Hoopsalytics, you can get better data by measuring only when your team is competing 100%. This is a feature exclusive to Hoopsalytics.

Let us know if you have questions or comments about this unique benefit.

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