Leaderboards for Basketball Leagues

Example of a leaderboard

Beside individual teams, Hoopsalytics has been providing top-level stats and analytics to various multi-team leagues. And if you’re running a league, your participants will love to have leaderboards showing which players excel in points, assists, rebounds and other categories.

Leaderboards can be accessed by anyone with a login to the league Hoopsalytics account, or by embedding a URL generated by Hoopsalytics into a public facing web site (like a team or league site.)

The screenshot at the start of this article shows an example of a leaderboard from the pro Canadian Basketball Super League (BSL). It’s easy to select different stats from the dropdown options.

To view leaderboards, just select Leaderboards from the top menu immediately after logging in.

To create more fan engagement, you can embed these leaderboards into any league web page. Here’s an example embed for the top 5 scorers in the Canadian BSL:


  • Embedded leaderboards reflect LIVE stats. So when a new game is scored for the league, the leaderboards will change automatically.
  • The team players present in the leaderboards must be marked as a “My Team” when editing the team. (Some leagues will play games against outside opponents, but only want players in their league to appear in the leaderboards.)

How to Embed Leaderboards

When accessing a leaderboard from Hoopsalytics, you’ll see a link at the bottom of the page. You or your tech person will need to embed this link into an iFrame on your web site. Here’s where to find it:

The HTML code to insert on your site, with the embed URL, would look like this:

<iframe src=”https://hoopsalytics.com/stats/leaderboard.php?season_id=11&stat=Pts.&sort=per_game&min_games=10&max_results=5&program_id=649&embed=1&token=9d20d216ae7dfab9888334891dfd9bc3” width=”500px” height=”900px”>

Replace the bold text with your own URL.

Also – note that we value the privacy of your account. Hackers won’t be able to steal your stats unless they have this exact URL, so you can control what you share publicly and what you keep private.

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