See What Happened During that Run with the Game Summary

Basketball is a game of runs, and as a coach it’s helpful to know what went right/wrong during your last game when there was a run. The Game Summary tool in Hoopsalytics can give you valuable insights.

As an example, we’re going to look at a game between UConn and St. Johns from 2024. UConn started out on a 14-2 run. You can see the full running score and margin graphs from the Game Summary at the top of this post.

Within the Game Summary graphs, you can highlight a part of the game, and see just the details from that part. Let’s highlight the run early in the game to learn more:

When you highlight a portion of the game, the comparison stats, play-by-play and timeline visualizations for the game change to reflect just the selected part.

Looking at the comparison stats, you can see UConn dominated the boards during this time:

Here’s the first part of the Play-by-Play for that time period. When segmenting on a part of the game, you can see all the lineups, including who was playing when the run started:

And here are the team timelines (backed out parts are outside of the selected range):

These three UConn players did most of the damage:

St. John’s adjusted, but got in too deep of a hole to recover. You can see this game, as well as several other St. John’s games from 2023-4, from our Demo teams page here.

If you’re a basketball coach who keys in on runs, only Hoopsalytics gives you this valuable way to gain insight into specific segments of a game. Every Hoopsalytics subscriber has access to the Game Summary tool, and much more.

Contact us today to learn more about Hoopsalytics.

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