Scoring Profiles: Custom Scoring Panels for Scouting, Scrimmages etc.

Our most active coaches have asked for a way to make it easy to score different types of basketball games or scenarios. For example, for some scrimmages you may just want to chart shots. Or when scouting an opponent and analyzing their game, you may just want to tag their offensive sets. The Scoring Profile feature of Hoopsalytics makes it easy for you to quickly decide what level of detail you want to use when scoring a specific game, or all future games.

For background, see this post on how to set up customizing scoring.

Hoopsalytics comes with two preset Scoring Profiles for your basketball games: Default and Minimal. You can customize these, or add your own new ones to the list.

It’s easy to set this up. From the top menu, go to Account, Customize Scoring:

From here, you can see the currently selected Scoring Profile, and which events are shown, and to what detail. You can also create a new Profile (like for Scouting, Scrimmages, Practices or other scenarios).

Here’s how the stock Minimal profile looks, with just basic offensive and defensive events.

The Default Scoring Profile has more options:

Note the Customize button that appears when scoring a game – this lets you change profiles or tweak which options are available on the fly.

You can easily change between profiles when customizing. Here’s what the Profile Select looks like:

Scoring Profiles make your workflow much more efficient, especially with multiple coaches or assistants involved.

If you’re using this feature, let us know how it’s helped you!

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