Basketball Assist Maps

Do you ever wonder which player pairs are the most productive with each other in terms of assists and scoring? Hoopsalytics now has an “Assist Map” analytic which makes it easy to see this chemistry between players.

When looking at a single game, or multiple games, use the Assists button.

This opens the Assists Map. Darker shaded squares indicate a higher volume of assists for a particular player pair. Here’s how USF’s (NCAA Men’s D I) Assist Map looks for a full season:

And here’s a full season from my high school girls varsity team:

Some thoughts and notes:

  1. It’s normal for a few player pairs to be the most active. Typically a team has a few dominant scorers and distributors. You can see it in both examples above.
  2. Just like the other Hoopsalytics reports, every number is clickable so you can see video-clips of any assist and score event.
  3. The darker shaded squares have more activity, so it’s easier to spot your most productive pairs.


We researched a few different ways to present this data, and the color-shaded matrix worked out the best. But as always, we love feedback from our network of coaches, so please share your thoughts and ideas!

Bonus: Hoopsalytics also has Assist Charts (much like shot charts). Learn more here.


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