Basketball Game Video Recording Tips

In preparation for the season, video recording is on every coach’s things-to-do list. Here’s a few helpful reminders, ideas and tips to get the most out of your effort with the least amount of friction:

We recommend using an iPhone or iPad to record. Uploading video from either device to Hoopsalytics is quick and easy. Once you have the video uploaded, it stays there. You can edit, review, share and use that video at your need and convenience.

An iPad or iPhone also gets video online faster because it can easily upload with a WiFi connection.

Ok, now that you have your device ready, it’s time to get your plan in place.

Choose your location. Whether it’s an iPad or mobile device, be sure you’re setting up from as high a vantage point as possible (without sitting near the rafters in big gyms) that can capture the entire court without any obstructions. Being near mid-court is ideal.

If available and do-able, use a tri­pod to keep video sta­ble. Check out and clean the lens­ to help you get the best pic­ture.

Practice makes perfect. Do a dry run video recording at a prac­tice or scrim­mage before your first game. Test your set­up by record­ing an entire prac­tice or scrim­mage. This is an ideal way to try out your hard­ware and train the per­son behind the cam­era on how to get the best video.

For away games, check with opponents on their filming setup. Some gyms have specific rules. Find out what they are before the game so there are no surprises on game day. Understand their gym’s dimensions and where the best place will be for your video person to set up.

Ok, it’s Game Day. The team is counting on you to get the best recording of the game as possible. Here are reminders:

  • Set up at mid-court. From that spot, your recording device will only have to rotate slightly, as if you were filming a tennis match, depending on where the action is.
  • Clear storage space on your device. Ideally, you’re going to want at least 2 – 3 GB free on your memory to make sure you capture the entire game.
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged on your mobile devices. Bring a cord to charge if necessary.

During the game, note these VERY HELPFUL TIPS:

  • Record the game from start to finish. I exclude breaks between quarters, halftime, and timeouts and then join the pieces together afterwards (or pause during recording), but if you have one long video that also works. Hoopsalytics will eliminate those down times when you score the game, but one full length video is required.
  • Keep an ear and eye out for the substitutions. When you hear that horn, try and capture the players entering and exiting the game. Or better still, have the cameraperson narrate who is coming in and out. This will make the job of your game scorer much easier.
  • Whenever possible, quickly capture the scoreboard. An update on the time and score will help the game scorer ensure everything is in sync.

Have questions or other suggestions? Please write directly to That’s really all there is to it, but we’re happy to advise and support!

Good film work contributes to your team success. Nail it and you’ll create a competitive advantage. Good luck!

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