Frequently Made Comments By Coaches

Our Head Coach and Assistant Coach team at Hoopsalytics have been talking and Zoom’ing with coaches from all over the country and indeed, continent (shout-out to our Canadian friends and coaches), and we’ve been getting some excellent feedback and response.

Here’s a sample of comments from our coaching community:

We want to track stats and get an in-depth look into our guys performance.”  This is our sweet spot.  You can score each game to produce pro-level stats including an elite box score including effective field goal percentage (eFG% counts 3’s as more valuable than 2’s), VPN, Value Point System, a statistic created to look at the efficiency of a player and to give a more well-rounded indication of overall player performance, or the pro-standard plus/minus stat.  Each stat is linked by one-click to the video of that stat.  Every stat is linked to video.  And every player has his own stat page with video.  These tools bring the stats to life.

We are in need of lineup analytics.”  Hoopsalytics allows coaches to create lineup advantages based on player’s strengths – and weaknesses.  For example, the platform allows a coach to pair statistics of a player with a high assist to turnover rate but a lower shooting percentage with players that have high shooting percentages but are not good ballhandlers.  Or strong offensive rebounders are placed on your 3-point shooting line-up.  Hoopsalytics is flexible so you can be creative with matchup advantages.

We need quick game stats and game film breakdown.”  Last season our high school boys basketball head coach had a parent or friend take the video of our games on his iPad.  When he get home he downloaded the game link to Hoopsalytics.  He scored the game.  Two hours after the end of the game, the entire game stats with video clips were emailed to the assistant coaches (including me).  The players received the link in the morning.  Box score.  Game stats.  Film clips.  Full game video.  Individual game video.  Team stats.  Rebounding charts.  Shot charts.  All created in the scoring of the game within two hours after the completion of the game.  All available online for all coaches, players and your managed access list of people.

We’re on a limited budget but want to stay competitive and current with analytics.”  Hoopsalytics welcomes all coaches from all levels with affordable programs for the big-time, analytically-minded competitive programs to the recreational level programs that want to have basic video and stats to view.  Starting at $99 for one full year of games (up to 30 games) gives even those teams on a shoe-string budget the chance to be big-time with their stats and video platform.  At $299, 5 teams get to enjoy the platform (150 total games).  That’s a bake sale to raise enough money for a first-class, easy-to-use, coaching tool for staff and players to build off.  For the elite teams that are interested in college-level capacity, including film share, opponent scouting, assisted scoring, please give us a call to discuss details.

Coaches, we welcome your questions and comments.  Our goal is providing an easy-to-use, high performance statistics and video platform for you and your team to access and be helpful to your success.






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