HUDL Assist Alternative for Basketball

Many of the basketball coaches we talk to aren’t satisfied with HUDL Assist, and are looking for an alternative. If you’re one of those coaches, we invite you to learn more about Hoopsalytics. In short, Hoopsalytics is a more affordable, more powerful, and easier-to-use system.

Here are some of the questions we get asked:

How does Hoopsalytics price-compare to HUDL Assist?

Depending upon the level of detail your team needs, we can provide 24 hour (or less) turnaround of stats, at around half the price of your HUDL Assist subscription.

What about advanced analytics like Sportscode?

Hoopsalytics offers the same kind of “moneyball” style analytics you could get with Sportscode, with no extra fees and no programming required.. If you’re looking to get advanced analytics, as well as video-linked stats, then you should explore further.

For example, you can track your set plays, or various actions like pick-and-rolls or more complex patterns, and see how many points per possession they produce – both on an individual or team basis.

What else can Hoopsalytics do that HUDL Assist for Basketball can’t?

Since Hoopsalytics was written by basketball coaches for basketball coaches, it offers a level of insight above and beyond the generic stats you get with HUDL. Including

  • Interactive shot charts (with distance filtering, court region selection, shot type filtering, and corresponding rebound locations).
  • Game summaries, with timeline visualizations, run graphs, and time-of-game filtering on overall stats.
  • Player stats, including time-of-game filters, and exclusions of certain players to see their effect on the entire team.
  • Player Impact: See which players or combinations of players had the biggest overall impact on team stats, including PPP (pointe per possession, both offensive and defensive), rebound percentage, turnover rate, EFG (effective field goal percentage) and more.
  • Shot Analysis: See which players are taking what kinds of shots, and what the points-per-shot or percentage are. You can also measure shot quality, or see how contesting shots affects the outcome for specific players.
  • Coaching Stats: See how your various plays or defensive schemes fared on a points-per-outcome basis.
  • Integrated Playbook: Keep track of all your plays, drills, actions, moves and more. Include text, diagrams or videos, and also link to real-life examples of these playbooks entries from your own games.

There’s so much insight you can get only with an alternative analytics tool like Hoopsalytics.

Get a demo, and we’ll give you a personal tour of the system so you can see for yourself how Hoopsalytics will make your coaches, players, and entire team better. Just contact us here to get started!

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