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ABA Stats

Basketball rules can vary from league to league, and some innovative leagues like the ABA have introduced new scoring incentives to increase the entertainment value of each game. In the ABA, when there is a turnover in the backcourt, and the opposing team scores, an extra bonus point is awarded to the scoring team. This encourages more pressing and a faster pace.

We’ve also seen some AAU tournaments, where they eliminate one free throw and award a point on a foul to speed up play – especially with a running clock.

Hoopsalytics has an optional “1 Pt. Bonus” event that you can include in the scoring panel, and have it included in the stats we provide to you. The screenshot above shows how it appears in the player stats.

And like everything else in Hoopsalytics, these events are video-linked, so you can see where the bonus occurred.

If you’re self-scoring a game that needs a bonus point, you can add this event to your scoring panel. Here’s how it looks or the ABA teams we are working with:

Hoopsalytics was designed from the ground up for basketball, and to be flexible and adaptable. None of our competitors have been able to match what we do in terms of customization.

Do you have a weird league rule that you want to include in your stats? Just let us know!


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