Affordable Stats and Analytics for AAU Club Teams

Every spring in the USA, the most motivated players (and families) participate in AAU Club teams. Many of these players have ambitions to play beyond high school, and having the best video-linked stats and analytics is a great way to improve, as well as share with scouts and coaches. And you can easily make highlight clips as well.

Paying for game stats can be tricky. Some clubs will want to include stats in the overall package, and some clubs want to keep costs down for the families, and not “nickel and dime” them. At Hoopsalytics, we have a couple of ways to make getting our pro-level stats and analytics affordable:

  1. Clubs can pay for a certain number of games. We offer discounts at higher volumes.
  2. Clubs can offer the service, or parents can sign up on behalf of the team. Each family contributes what they can afford.
  3. A combination of the above.

For 2024, our standard AAU game price is $30 USD, so for a 10 player team, that works out to about $3 per player per game – a worthwhile investment!

Getting Started

Every club team account needs an Admin who will administer the account. This can be a parent, a coach, or a club administrator. The steps are:

1. Set up your account from here.

2. Upload your team’s roster (including jersey numbers). Here’s how.

3. Once you’ve set up payment, upload your game videos to be scored. Here’s how.

Club-Funded Accounts

Once the Admin completes the set up process, they will be prompted to purchase games to be scored. You can start with a 10 game minimum, and pay-as-you-go for more games. Or for larger game purchases, contact us for a discount. Club-funded accounts can be used for multiple teams.

Parent-Funded Accounts

Parents can collaborate and contribute “game credits” to have their team’s games scored. Each parent can contribute to a specific team. Anonymous contributions are also an option.

Combo Club and Parent Funded

Some clubs may buy some games, and have parents contribute the rest. This is also an option with Hoopsalytics.

How to Contribute to Parent-Funded Team Accounts

If you’re a parent, you can log in via your player’s account, and purchase game credits. Go to Account, Purchases & Contributions from the top menu:

Then click this button to contribute:

On the contribution page, you can see who else contributed (or anonymous contributions), and also add your own donation.

With the potential for many parents to contribute to a particular team, and the possibility of fractional games, donations are done in “game credits”. In the example above, each game is 30 credits, at $1 each.

For example, if all the parents on a 10 player team want to get 3 games scored (at 30 credits per game), that would require 90 credits (30×3). So each of the 10 parents would buy 9 credits (90/10).

And in some cases, a more well-off parent may contribute anonymously to pick up the slack. See the “contribute anonymously” option above.


The video-linked stats, analytics, and visualizations that only Hoopsalytics offers are a great way for aspiring players to improve and get more insight into their game. And we’re making is easy for clubs and parents to collaborate and share in the (reasonable) cost. Our mission is to provide pro-level stats, analytics and visualizations to teams at all levels, at an affordable price.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, or get a price quote for multiple game packages.






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