Basketball Stats in Excel or Google Sheets

After interviewing a lot of basketball coaches, we’ve discovered quite a few who are using Excel or Google Sheets to track stats for their teams. Some of these are quite impressive in their scope and detail. However, given that the primary audience for these stats are youth players who have grown up in the age of video, they are missing this essential element of interactivity. Plus, there are some really valuable numbers that you cannot calculate with just a simple formula.

First of all, Hoopsalytics stats are “video linked”. So rather than just seeing a number in a table, each stat is clickable to show video associated with that event. For example, clicking in the number of points, assists, turnovers, etc. will show video clips of all those events. For a young player, it’s more impactful to have video evidence behind the numbers. It’s also a great learning tool for each player (and it can get the parents involved, too).

Here’s one example of video-linked stats from our College Demo, after clicking on the 36 points in the box score for one of the players:

While continuing to improve Hoopsalytics, we’ve added the common calculations that other coaches have asked for. In addition, being able to use substitution data and time-based events, we can determine time-adjusted plus/minus, isolate on specific parts of the game, lineup effectiveness, and other analytics that are impossible to do with a spreadsheet.

So if you’re looking for a spreadsheet for your team, try scoring a free game with Hoopsalytics, and you’ll likely see for yourself how much more compelling video-linked stats can be. Not to mention interactive shot charts, isolated stats for different parts of the game (i.e. 4th quarter), and other analytics a spreadsheet cannot handle.

Finally, if you have a favorite stat you don’t see in Hoopsalytics, let us know! Our system continues to improve with each new release, primarily based upon feedback from coaches.

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