League Play

We are almost through our first cycle of league opponents and so far, so good.  We’re 3-1 in conference play (10-2 overall), with one more to go: a big game tonight against the perennial biggest and baddest team in the league, if not the city.

As an assistant on this team last year, we were able to play a full season of league games despite the pandemic so I have a working knowledge of not only of the style of our conference opponents, but the look and feel of their home court.  Knowing the gym helps prepare your team for the atmosphere they are about to encounter.  Earlier this year we played in a cavernous hall – knowing that, next time we play there we will over-emphasize our dribble drive / attack the rim game because the shooting sight lines are terrible in that barn.  Of course, knowing the team tendencies / style of play is the biggest advantage toward putting together the game plan and approach to the competition.

Hoopsalytics will be a great teacher for these concepts next season.  Being able to keep all of your past games on your account to easily refer to and scout your opponents – as well as self-scout – is a huge advantage that should not be overlooked.  Make Hoopsalytics a long-term part of your program to not only save thousands of dollars – but get a better product to use and implement for your team and player success.


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