Measuring Team Fatigue with the Game Flow Tool

One of the observations I saw with my team this year is that we were streaky. We had some strong finishes to close a large hole we got ourselves into early in the game. With a relatively thin roster and some injuries, it made time management even more important.

Hoopsalytics recently introduced a Game Flow tool, whereby you can select multiple games, and see how your team performed in various increments of one minute, two minutes, four minutes etc. You can select specific games (including wins, losses, home or away games), and measure those as well. Let me share what I learned about my team.

Our second quarter was by far our worst. For the 23 games we measured, here the Game Flow tool shows how we performed in two-minute increments.

You can see how from 12 to 16 minutes, we were badly outplayed. Especially from 14 to 16 minutes (end of the second quarter).

When viewing multiple game stats, we can easily select just our losses.

Looking at our losses, the effect was more pronounced:

By clicking on individual quarters, the game stats update to show what happened in that segment. We were badly outrebounded in the second quarter, as shown here:

My theory of why this occurred to our team has two parts:

  1. We usually had a 5 or 6 primary player rotation, and my kids got tired near the end of the half.
  2. In a few games, some of our best players got in foul trouble, and had to sit out the end of the second quarter.

In retrospect, calling a timeout with 3:00 or so left in the second quarter would have been a great idea. This at least would have given our players a breather to finish the half stronger.

Note that you can choose various increments for the game flow graphs, pick specific quarters, and also switch between bar and line graphs. Looking at your team’s multi-game performance through this lens may help you also make better decisions in regards to timeouts and substitutions.

Do you think this would be helpful for your team? Or any other metrics you’d like to know? If you have an opinion, please leave a comment.

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