Summer Camps and Clinics

As summer camp and basketball clinic season begins, players are looking to work on the individual and team skills that will elevate their game. If you’re not getting better over the summer, the competition is sprinting past you.

It is advisable to absorb instruction and play with a purpose. By challenging yourself to figure out how to make yourself better and more valuable to the team effort, the serious player now has the intention for every practice and game.

That’s why it was so impressive and delightful to be a part of the ULegacy Skills Development Camp this past weekend in San Francisco. 70 players from the Bay Area gathered on a foggy, drizzly weekend to get better. The instructors and coaches came with years of experience and high-level training, leading the groups through a challenging and fun 3-hour workout.

I was there on Saturday and if you love basketball… what a night!
An old high school teammate of mine lives in LA, big time DJ. He and his pals are also into hoops and giving back to the game. They are putting on skills camps all summer up and down CA and were in town this weekend and asked me to help out. Went great. I rode my bike 5miles from my home around the waterfront and down Third Street to the gym, diagonally on the other side of the City.
On the gym floor, some players had arrived early and were already working out with Coach Country. Soon we got the whole group together and began one-on-one moves and then one-on-one with moves against the help, then finishing at the rim. Great basketball Technique tools to put in your bag.




There was also some real talk from coaches who were not there to mess around. There was one kid who was … disruptive … but in check. Otherwise, kids were there to play ball on a Friday and Saturday night from 6-9pm to learn, and for good, spirited competition.
I was in the mix on court and threw in some stories about guys they’ve never heard of:) After the upper level skills and drills, we developed into 2-man work, 3-man drills, +, and then we got to full court and half court scrimmaging.
The whole vibe was on the hop. Great workout. No matter how long you’ve been playing or coaching you can always learn something new or see something you like, and I’ll be using a few of the drills for my own team this season.
On the bike ride home, I though about what a great circle the basketball world is, where a person can always learn more while simultaneously giving back to the game. What a sport! I’m five decades in and love the game more every day.
During a break in the clinic, we talked Analytics, and using percentages to help figure out strengths – and weaknesses. The importance of Video – so many players are visual learners, so the video tied to stats such as assists – and turnovers – is so helpful in telling a multidimensional story. And the reality of Stats – they can back up a rising player, and show real data to the shot hog.
Players are not the only ones who need to continually improve. Coaches must, too. Being around other coaches who know the game and how to coach will help make my team be better next season. Sharing Hoopsalytics with the coaches and players adds a new dimension to their effort.
Learning how to use Analytics and tracking results will improve coaching – and player – performance.

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