What is Effective Field Goal Percentage (EFG%) ?

In Hoopsalytics, as well as most any other box score stats, you’ll see a column labelled EFG% – Effective Field Goal percentage. This article explains that statistic in more detail.

Here’s how EFG% is presented in Hoopsalytics:

You can also see two-point makes and misses, three-point makes and misses, and percentages for two-point and three-point shots.

Traditionally, field goal percentage (FG%) is calculated by dividing field goals made (FGM) by field goals attempts (FGA). If you shoot 5 for 10, your FG% is 50%. (Hoopsalytics doesn’t show this number, as EFG is a much better measure of shooting efficiency, as you’ll soon see.)

Effective field goal percentage (EFG%) uses that same idea while factoring in the value of three-point shots. One made three-pointer is worth 1.5x more than a made two-pointer. For example, a player who shoots 5 for 10 on all two-point basket attempts, resulting in 10 points, has a standard FG% of 50% and an EFG of 50%.

The formula for EFG% is (FGM + 0.5 x 3PointMade (3PM)) / FGA

(5 + 0 divided by 10 = 50%)

Note that FGM includes all two and three-point shots. You just get an extra bonus for the three-pointers.

If, for example, all of those same player’s FGM’s were three-pointers, resulting in 15 points on 10 shots, then that player’s EFG% is 75%. 

Per the formula: 5FGM + 0.5 x 5 (3PM) = 7.5 divided by 10 (FGA) = 75%.

A player with an EFG% of 75% is scoring at a rate equal to shooting 75% on two-point FGA’s, a phenomenal percentage.

As a coach, when you look at your EFG%, you immediately get an indication of how your team is performing offensively, helping you make informed and strategic decisions. 

EFG% differential between you and your opponent will be a key indicator in determining the game winner.

As a player, shooting 50%+ FG% on two-point shots is the benchmark for success. Shooting 3 of 10 with all made baskets being from three-point range, or 9 points on 10 shot attempts, is a FG% of 30% but an eFG% of 45%. Making 4 three-point shots out of 10 shot attempts (12 points) is equal to a 60% EFG%. 

Making 33.3% of three-point shots is equivalent to a 50% EFG%.

(33.3 + 0.5 x 33.3 (16.65) = 49.95%)

Based on this information, EFG% can be a more complete, results-driven offensive statistic than FG% for winning basketball teams and contributing players.

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