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Basketball is a team game, yet most stats focus on the individual player, rather than that player’s impact on the entire team’s performance. In addition, many coaches want to gauge chemistry – which groups of two or three players generate the best outcome for the team.

With Hoopsalytics, we’ve introduced a Player Impact analysis. This shows you overall team stats when a player or group of two or more players are playing at the same time. Beyond just net points per possession or adjusted plus/minus, this shows shot data, turnover percentage, rebounding effectiveness, and other stats that show how the team is performing.

When choosing the Player Impact report, you’re presented with this to start:

You can individually pick one or more players, but even more fun is to choose the links for “All Individuals”, “All Groups of 2”, or “All Groups of 3”. When choosing the group links, Hoopsalytics will go through every possible player combination, and show their effectiveness.

From there, you can click on a column header to sort by number and show the leaders.

You can try this yourself by choosing any team from our demo page. Here are the first few results from 2 player impact stats for Kentucky (91 player pairs total) through a few games in 2022-3, sorted by net points per possession:

To get to this report, choose Multiple game stats, and then the Player Impact tool:

This is insanely fun to play with, especially with your own team over the course of a few games. You may get some surprises, and discover some hidden chemistry between players that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

As always, let us know what you think of this tool, and feel free to reach out with questions and comments.

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