Shot Charts with Fouled Attempts

Shot charts with fouled attempts

A couple of our customers asked about tracking shots that resulted in a shooting foul. This is a part of Hoopsalytics now – both for measuring and in our shot charts. It should have been obvious to us on our initial design, but this is just one of the great ideas we’ve received from the coaches we work with.

What’s crazy is how traditional shot charts never show fouled attempts. But if you’re tracking fouled shots with Hoopsalytics, these now appear as blue dots in the shot chart. (See the example at the start of the article).

You can also just isolate on fouled attempts – here’s where the fouls occurred for the last four games I charted:

It’s hard to believe nobody else does this.


If you click the “Customize” button when scoring a game, you can activate the “2 Pt Fouled” and “3 Pt. Fouled” events. Here’s how it’s set up:

And then you’ll see this in the scoring panel:

Thanks coaches for the great suggestion!

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