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As we’re getting more and more top-level coaches to join Hoopsalytics, we continue to get great suggestions on how to make our customizable basketball analytics tool even more useful. One of the recurrent themes we’ve heard is the need for making it easy to track and measure custom events and actions, and to that end we’ve created an unparalleled, easy-to-configure, fully roll-your-own reporting and event scoring setup.

The above image shows one example of the kind of reporting you can get when measuring custom shot types. This is from my team’s custom basketball analytics setup. This article has more examples of shot analysis reports.

Update: Hoopsalytics has a “Scoring Profile” option, where you can set up multiple scoring panel configurations, and easily switch between them. Learn more here.

Using a Custom Scoring Panel

When tagging an event during a game, you can select a specific type, and also add one or more attributes to the event. For example, a two-point shot could be of type “runner”, and also have attributes of “contested” and “assisted”. You can add, remove and rename any types and attributes.

You can also determine what top level events appear in the scoring panel. Recently, we’ve included 2 Pt. Fouled and 3 Pt. Fouled as optional shot-tracked events.

For my team, here’s how the scoring panel now appears, with fouled shots appearing as an event option:

When I click on any 2 pt. shot type, I get these options:

I’ve ticked the “assisted” and “contested” attributes here. You can choose any number of attributes to attach to a shot or any other event. You can also add a shot quality score (from 0 to 10) to any shot attempt.

How to Customize the Scoring Panel

Choose Account, Customize Scoring from the top navigation menu to get to the Customize tool. You can also open the Customize tool when scoring by clicking the Customize button at the top right of the screen:

You can customize Offensive Events, Defensive Events, Offensive Sets and Defensive Sets. Here’s how my I’ve customized Offensive Events for my team:

This screen lets you decide how an event appears, what hotkey (keyboard shortcut) triggers the event, and whether you want to get details for your team or an opponent, and optionally a location (i.e. for shot, assist or rebound charting) for this event. In my setup (above), I’m not showing Pass, Dribble or Foul Drawn events in my scoring panel since “Show in Main Scoring Panel” is unchecked for those events.

For event details, you can set up your own types and attributes for any event. For example, to customize the types of 2 pt. shots you want to track, click on “Shoot 2”. To customize attributes, click on “shot”.

Here’s an example: For 2 point shot types, clicking on “Shoot 2” makes this appear in my team’s setup:

Hopefully one day I’ll have a girl who can dunk, but for now, I’ve removed Dunk as a scoring option. I’ve also added 1 Dribble and 2+ Dribble jump shots, as well as 1 Foot and 2 Foot layups to track. These are important to me, as I can determine what kinds of shots to practice based upon the frequency of these various shot types.

You can set hotkeys for any event or type, as well as decide if the type is a Primary Choice or secondary option (under a “more” button). Also, you can have different events appear for your team and your opponents, using the checkboxes under Show for My Teams and Show for Other Teams.

For shot attributes (clicking on “shot”), I have this setup:

Our Nevada league doesn’t have a shot clock (sadly), so I’ve hidden late clock as an attribute. But I’ve added some custom attributes that I’d like to measure.

You can add new types and attributes for any event using the Add New button highlighted above.


This video does a walkthrough for adding new events and customizing the scoring panel.


Hoopsalytics makes it easy to add, remove, rename and customize any kind of event or event type. And once you’re finished scoring a game, you can see stats and analytics behind every event, type and attribute you track. And unlike our competitor who can’t do custom event analytics and charges a lot more, you can do this without having to program or write code. There’s no better way to get customizable basketball analytics.

If you’d like to try this for your team, sign up for a free one-game trial, and upload your game video and give it a try.

P.S. These features are thanks to the many coaches who have adopted Hoopsalytics and given us great feedback on what they needed to make their programs more successful.

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