Stats and Analytics for Basketball Practices

basketball practice stats

Some of our coaches have requested the ability to use the stats and analytics available in Hoopsalytics to measure player performance in basketball practices as well. Hoopsalytics can be used to score practices in a similar way to games, while also keeping the game stats and practice stats separated. The above image is an example of what you can get from scoring a practice.

Here are someĀ  ideas you can steal for scoring your own practices:

  • Which players are making corner threes at a higher rate?
  • Which players are failing to box out or rotate on defense?
  • Which players are not executing plays properly? And how often?

By analyzing player performance in practices, and making your team accountable through video linked to stats, you can reduce costly mistakes in your games.

Here’s how to make video-linked stats and analytics for your practices:

1. When logged into Hoopsalytics, click the Games tab. You’ll see a button specific to practices. Click it:

2. The next screen is where you can start scoring a new practice, or see stats from previous individual or multiple practices:

3. When looking at multiple practices, you can pick and choose which practices you want to examine, and whether you want individual or team stats:

Just like when scoring games, you can get a details report on custom actions (offensive or defensive). Here’s what that looks like:

Are you scoring practices and creating stats and analytics? Please share with us if so, as we’re always looking for new ideas from our ever-growing customer base of motivated coaches.

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