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  • Live vs Dead ball turnovers - NBA
    Live Ball Turnovers vs. Dead Ball Turnovers

    As much as we basketball coaches hate giving up turnovers, and love forcing them, not all turnovers are created equal. Dead ball turnovers (like throwing the ball out-of-bounds) result in an inbounds play, while live ball turnovers (like a steal) keep action going. Defensively, a live ball turnover is more likely to end in a […]

  • ABA Stats
    Stats for ABA Basketball (and other unique leagues)

    Basketball rules can vary from league to league, and some innovative leagues like the ABA have introduced new scoring incentives to increase the entertainment value of each game. In the ABA, when there is a turnover in the backcourt, and the opposing team scores, an extra bonus point is awarded to the scoring team. This […]

  • Why I Was Late to the Analytics Game

    As a high school and college player in the 80’s, ESPN had just been invented. Basketball film study was limited and done with VHS tape and incredible amounts of snail mail from coach to coach. Player visibility and much of recruiting was largely limited to in-person visits. Not only that, in the late 70’s, the […]

  • Basketball game visualization
    Basketball Game Visualizations – Event Timelines

    After every game, us coaches will have a period of self-reflection where we think about what went right, and what went wrong. Having a good visualization of key events tells a compelling story, and can help you make better-informed decisions for future games. The Game Summary tool in Hoopsalytics offers you some compelling ways to […]

  • Stat’ing a Game

    Learning how to stat a game on the Hoopsalytics platform is fast and easy. Like anything else in basketball, the more you do it, the better you get. And just like in basketball, there are little tricks to make your scoring easier, like the back door cut for an easy-up layup. This blog post will […]

  • TS% and why it matters

    True Shooting percentage (TS%) is an advanced statistic that measures a player’s efficiency at shooting the ball. It is intended to more accurately calculate a player’s shooting than field goal percentage, free throw percentage, and three-point field goal percentage taken individually. Two- and three-point field goals and free throws are all considered in its calculation, […]

  • A Beginners Guide to Analytics

    Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, yet many fans, some players and even coaches don’t know as much as they could about the details of the game. In the just concluded NBA Eastern Conference Playoff series, ESPN Analytics gave the Miami Heat a 3% chance of beating the Boston Celtics. […]

  • Coach Bill with the SC Vasco de Gama coaching staff
    European Basketball Analytics – Case Study

    While traveling in Portugal, I was afforded the pleasure of meeting one of our European clients in Porto: SC Vasco de Gama. Nuno Martinez coaches the U18 club team, and he was gracious enough to spend some time with me talking about how they use the analytics Hoopsalytics provides, and letting me watch a practice. […]

  • Small Advantage Big Advantage

    Multiple-game statistics tell a more complete story of how players are performing. Defenses vary, match-ups change, but by the third game of scoring your team and from then on, patterns, truths and teaching points are revealed. The Small Advantage / Big Advantage (SABA) idea is based on using an offensive action to create a small […]

  • All About the Basketball Usage Rate

    You may have seen “Usage Rate” as one of the stats the NBA provides. It shows the overall impact of a player, i.e. how often a player contributes to the outcome of a play. Dominant players like Joel Embiid often have high Usage Rates. This article will explain what Usage Rate is, and how Hoopsalytics […]