St. John’s Men’s Basketball is not a True “3 and Key” Type of Offensive Juggernaut – But They Should Be

Some teams like Alabama are strict “3 and Key” programs, with shots only coming from beyond the arc and in the paint. St’ John’s exhibits some of those tendencies, but not to the extreme. The shot chart above shows where St. John’s shots are coming from through the early part of the season.

Through nine games, St. John’s Men’s Basketball (@StJohnsBBall, @stjohnsbball) is shooting an impressive 147 for 293 (50%) on shots in the Key (including 46/60, 77% for Player of the Year (@NCAA) candidate Joel Soriano (@joelsoriano22)). On 3pt attempts, the Johnnies are converting on 76/213, a 36% clip.

St. John’s is averaging 80 points per game, which sounds like a lot but is only tied for 75th in the nation!

From lane-line to lane-line above the top of the key, SJU ramps up their 3pt shooting percentage to 43% on 17 makes/40 attempts, with Soriano once again leading the way on 7/8 for an 88% clip. See these and all other kinds of cool stats using the Hoopsalytics ( Interactive Shot Chart, as well as other great analytics including Shot Quality percentages and best-5 lineups in the last five minutes of close games, with Hoopsalytics easy-to-use tools (@hoopsalytics).

Outside the key and inside the three, so far for the season St. John’s is shooting 49/111, a 44% clip.

By shooting more from the key and beyond the arc, SJU should continue to add more points to the scoreboard – and wins on the record.

St. John’s box scores, video, and analytics numbers are an interesting way to get a keener insight into the team – and we are happy to share them with all St. John’s fans!,,,’s-university/,,

You can explore the Interactive Shot Chart for St. Johns (and more) from our St. John’s demo team page.

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