Implementing a Custom Basketball Player Rating System

Every basketball coach has their own set of criteria for evaluating each player’s performance. Some emphasize defense, some minimizing turnovers, some like “hustle” stats. But instead of a traditional box score, wouldn’t it be great to have your own personalized box score, with your own points of emphasis weighted accordingly?  You can do this with Hoopsalytics.

There are numerous systems proposed by various coaches and analysts, many of which you can see here. As an example, we’re going to implement the Tendex system to evaluate the San Francisco Dons (USF) for the 2021-2 season. The formula for Tendex looks like this:

Tendex Rating=[(Points)+(Rebounds)+(Assists)+(Steals)+(Blocks)- (Missed Field Goal Attempts)-0.5*(Missed Free Throws)-(Turnovers)-(Fouls)]/(Player’s Minutes)

Here’s how the weighting for Tendex is set up in Hoopsalytics:

Once you’ve entered the weight values for the events you care about, the report is generated. For USF in 2021-2, it looks like this:

The right-hand column is key, as it takes into account the number of possessions played. It’s the score divided by the number of offensive and defensive possessions.

Implementing your own Weighting System

The cool thing about Hoopsalytics is that you can easily create your own system, and tweak the values for any event you like. You can also add your own custom events to track and weigh, which usually don’t appear in a standard box score or one generated by a service you may currently be using.

Defense in particular is under-served by traditional box score stats, so creating your own may be the best way to keep your players motivated and accountable.

Plus, every number in the weighted box score links to video clips of those events. So a player can see all of their “blow bys”, “missed rotations”, “good help” or any other action you choose to emphasize and track.

To set up your own scoring system, go to the Stats page in your Hoopsalytics account, pick one or more games, and click on Custom Weights.

You’ll be brought to the Custom Weights report. SInce nothing is set up yet, click on the “set up” button. The Event Weights screen will appear, and you can enter the weighted values for every event you deem important. It’s easy to go back and forth from the report to the event weights setup to tweak your system.

Video Walkthrough

This two-minute video shows how to set u your own custom box score, and what it looks like.

Real Life Examples

One of the coaches we’ve collaborated with tracks offensive things like “not knowing the play” or “drawing a foul”, and defensive mistakes like “blow bys” or “no contests”. Another coach is strictly interested in success or failure in rebounding, like “missed box outs” or “tips”.

Now go ahead and create your own custom weighted box score, and feel free to share with us. (We promise not to tell your competitors).

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