Catching Up With Coaches

We appreciate all of the suggestions and comments from coaches across the country and world that are getting tuned in and turned on to the many advantages of using the Hoopsalytics Advanced Basketball Analysis System. From Australia to Europe and across the U.S., here are a recent sampling of coaches comments and what they are interested in getting out of their analytics platform:

‘Alternative to Hudl’ – we’ve heard this one a lot.  The level of scoring many coaches receive from Hudl and Synergy is so off-base that many if not most coaches wind up having to re-score the game.  Using Hoopsalytics, you have control over scoring from the jump, and are then able to implement the customization that the other platforms do not provide.  Hoopsalytics is also season-to-season, much more intuitive and costs a fraction of the price of Hudl.  Coaches, please feel free to contact us and we’ll show you how to get better results at a much more reasonable price.

‘Price Point and an Ability to Stat Games with Clips’ – this is one of our coolest features:  each stat is tied to one-click video.  Want to see all of a players shot attempts?  One-click and you got it.  All assists? turnovers? paint touches? floor dives?  All easily trackable and available to visualize.  As you’re scoring the game, it’s easy to click on any event and create organized film sessions for both the team and individual players.  

‘Looking for Hudl alternative’ see above!

‘Continue to help my student-athletes grow.  Used Synergy in my college coaching and looking for something better and more detailed than Hudl’ – we have talked to a lot of coaches and educators about the value of improving math skills by understanding analytics and applying the math to the game.  For example, if each player knows the team scores .33 more points per possession when the ball touches the paint, then that action becomes second nature to the team and a joy to behold as a coach.

‘Listened in on the demo from System Basketball podcast tonight.  We are a small school with no access to stats service, but  I would love to use a system to give me data.  This is a frequent request.  We have the answer.  We strive to make Hoopsalytics affordable, and will give you more and cost less than the big corporate services. You get stats and video clips linked, plus offensive, defensive, team and coaching stats. Last but not least you get to add comments to any event and save clips for a film review session.  This is a great opportunity and resource for coaches who want to level up themselves and their teams using analytics, video and stats.

Coaches, please continue to send us comments, requests and feedback.  Our IT Department is working 24/7 to make your needs a reality. We are at the forefront of the basketball analytics movement.  Most every Athletic Director going forward will ask their next head coach: What do you know about analytics and how to you plan to use them for the school team? With Hoopsalytics, you will have the answers.  Don’t be left behind.

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