Offensive and Defensive Specification Customization

During the course of an amazing summer we have had the opportunity to meet with and talk to an assortment of dedicated basketball coaches from youth leagues to Division 1.

The top analytical coaches are interested in being able to track their personalized specifications.  For example, how successful is our 4-out-1-in set offense?  What group plays that set best?  How much more successful is that offense with a high-post entry?  Paint touch?  Where on the court are we shooting it well?  Not so well?  What kind of shots are producing a high FG%?  Succinctly, on offense, what actions precipitate our highest scoring efficiency?  On defense, what 5-player combination has the best defensive +/- as a unit?

Hoopsalytics provides those answers and more.

Being able to customize and create useable analytics will help you – and your team – better understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing the results of your offensive actions (for example, if every DHO included in your team possession produced 1.16 PPP, while your offense average was 1.00, you could coach to your team that an extra .16 PPP, extrapolated over a full game, could result in the extra points needed to win).

Here’s another example of the capability of the Hoopsalytics system.  While discussing applicable analytics with Coach Bill, we wondered what the scoring efficiency is for a team that initiates its offense to the right, to the left and through the center.

Scoring a Division 3 game from this past season between Gettysburg College and Swarthmore College, I was able to easily create offensive categories and track the events to find the answers.  Left Side Initiation (28x) resulted in 1.07 PPP.  Right Side Initiation (17x) resulted in 1.41 PPP and Center Initiation (17x) resulted in 1.06 PPP.  Clearly, Right Side Initiation was the most fruitful, resulting in an extra .34 PPP.  That’s an extra point every three possessions that go to the Right, and good knowledge to have when you’re down a point with time ticking down and your team has to score a hoop off a set play.

Hopefully that specification customization ability gives coaches an example of how to track metrics useful to them.

Some of the brightest minds in basketball are so dedicated to the game and their programs – but they may not have the free spend or resources of the top D1 programs.  That’s where Hoopsalytics fills a great need by not only being an elite product, but an affordable one.

For coaches, Hoopsalytics is the right platform and right analytics package for many good reasons.

Summer.  Around here we call it Getting Better Time.  Adding the Hoopsalytics advanced basketball video and analytics system to your season will be that leveling up factor coaches need to give our teams an extra advantage.

Specification customization, affordability, as well as film review, stats linked to video, and pro-level box scores and analytics are now available from Hoopsalytics at a reasonable price for any coach who wants to have better and more useable insights into their team.

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