Implementing Hustle Stats

One of the modern visionaries of using Moneyball style analytics is coach Kyle Smith of Washington State. For many years, he has been using a weighted scoring system to motivate and track player performance. They call it “Hustle Stats”.

His system is very similar to what you can do with Hoopsalytics, but for a lot less money than the Division 1 schools like WSU pay for less capable tools.

And your implementation would include Video-linked stats in the custom box score, which it doesn’t look like even Coach Smith can do.

Here’s a snapshot of Coach Smith’s weighted scoring system:

And one implementation of custom weighted events in Hoopsalytics:

This article describes in more detail how Kyle Smith’s system works.

Compare to our previous post on implementing Custom Weighted Stats in Hoopsalytics.

Are you using a system like this? Or do you want to? If so, we’d love to hear from you. 

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