Visualizing Player Performance

A couple of years ago, I had a fairly talented team, with one player who was a really accurate three-point shooter in practice. Ryan even won a three-point shooting contest at a Christmas tournament. However, her main sport was golf, and I was concerned about her stamina. So over the course of the season, I did some browsing with Hoopsalytics and discovered she was 0 for 18 from three-point range in the 4th quarter of close games. For the last few games, I gave her more rest before the final quarter, and her performance improved.

At that time, Hoopsalytics didn’t have was a way to visualize this. Player performance visualizations are a new feature in Hoopsalytics, and having this would have alerted me sooner to this phenomenon.

The image at the top of the article shows her shooting and turnovers in our close games. Red dots are misses, green dots are makes, large dots are three-pointers, and small dots are two-pointers. The red bars are turnovers. Shaded areas are when she was on the floor. You can see no green dots in the 4th quarters.

To get this, I went to Multiple Game Stats, chose Close Games, and then game-by-game stats:

You can use the visualizations for other event types, including turnovers, rebounds, assists, and steals.

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