Basketball Analytics – Who Are Your Best Players (Part 2)

Basketball Player On/Off Analytics

Using team stats for when a player is on the floor is a good way to get insight into who deserves more playing time. Our previous article shows how to use Player Impact ON the floor to get a good idea of who your best performers are.

But what about the absence of a player – how does that affect the team? Hoopsalytics can show you that as well. And how about combining their impact ON the floor and OFF the floor? The latest Player Impact tool can do that too.

For St. John’s in 2023-4, the screenshot at the top of this article shows the combined On/Off numbers (ON the floor minus OFF the floor) for each player. And surprisingly, their star player Soriano does not appear to be the best two-way player on the team.

Using Hoopsalytics, you can also see just the ON the floor numbers for each player:

And see what happens when they are OFF the floor:

If you have a star player who plays most of the game, a net ON minus OFF may not be as valuable, as the off-the-floor data could include garbage time (although you can exclude garbage time as well). But having different ways to look at how each player’s presence and absence affects the entire team can be revealing.

Two and Three Player Combinations

You can do the same analysis for player pairs or groups of three. Sometimes certain groups have great chemistry, or maybe one player uplifts a weaker player. You can see that in the Groups of 2 and Groups of 3 options in this tool.


The St. John’s team data is available as a demo team (also from the home page). You can get there by choosing Multiple Game Stats, and then On/Off Player Impact:

All teams using Hoopsalytics, at any level, have access to this high level of analytics for their own use.

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