Basketball Analytics – Who Are Your Best Players?

Most of you are probably at least 10 games into your season by now, which is a great opportunity to REALLY determine who your most productive players are – both offensively and defensively. Defense in particular is not well evaluated by traditional stats. Every top-level team uses analytics to determine player rotations and playing time, and these tools are now available to any coach at any level, at an affordable price. Keep reading to learn more about the analytical techniques you can use mid-season to get a better picture of your player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Update: Hoopsalytics can show ON the floor, OFF the floor, and Net (ON minus OFF) data for each player. Part II explains in more detail.

Player Impact Measurement

Instead of looking at individual numbers, a better way to evaluate players is to see how the team stats change when they are one of the five players on the floor. The Player Impact report in Hoopsalytics lets you do just that. You can measure the overall adjusted +/-, and team Points-Per-Possession (both offensively and defensively), as well as the Net Points-Per-Possession to determine your best two-way, offensive and defensive players.

Here’s the Player Impact for St. John’s University through 10 games. Surprisingly, #11 Joel Soriano, who is their touted star player, is not the most effective player on the team.

Accounting for Coat-Tailing

The numbers for an individual can be impacted by other players an individual is paired with – we call this “coat-tailing”. Using the Player Stats tool, you can exclude an individual, and see how the other player’s stats are affected when any minutes a specific player had played are not factored in. Here we exclude Dingle, and see that Soriano’s Net PPP is below some of the other players:

Accounting for Games Missed Against Weaker Opponents

For some players who have missed games due to injury, the difference in strength-of-schedule can be a factor. You can click on the number of games next to any player to redo stats for just those games. For Cruz Davis, clicking the 4 game badge next to his name will show these same stats for just these 4 games.


Explainer Video

This video shows how to use the Hoopsalytics tools mentioned above to make accurate player evaluations:


It’s not too late to make use of Hoopsalytics to get the best possible insights into your players! Ask about our mid-season 10 game special, where we break down 10 games for you, and generate the above analysis (and more) using our powerful analytics capabilities.

Contact us today to get started!

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