Custom Color-Coded Basketball Stat Goals

Color-coded basketball stat goals

High-achieving basketball coaches set goals for their team for each game. This allows players to focus on the important parts of the team’s system, and also enforces accountability for the entire team. Hoopsalytics makes it easy to set custom goals, and easily visualize how teams met or failed to meet expectations.

Every coach emphasizes different things. And post-game analytics should be as clear as possible to show whether a team’s performance met the coach’s goals. The screen shot above shows an example Hoopsalytics game summary, with green indicating goal exceeded, red showing fails, and white neither.

In the Game Summary, hover over the target icon in each stat line to see how the goal is set.

Then click on the icon to edit the goal. You can make goals more or less than a value, or more or less than a difference from your opponent. Here’s how I customized a Turnover % goal for my team:

You can set goals in about 32 different stat categories, and also easily copy custom goal settings to another team.

This short video has more details:

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