Live Stream Scoring is Now … Live!

Hoopsalytics has come a long way in a short amount of time compared to our competitors. What took almost 20 years for others to build, Hoopsalytics has done in five very productive years. Our own experience as basketball coaches has fueled the growth, but much of the development has been inspired from the input of coaches and clients looking to gain greater insights into their teams.

One of our AAU club clients was playing in a national tournament this past weekend in Australia and was looking for rush-results from their own games, as well as a few scout games. Using the live stream link, we were able to score the game in real time, and within 20-25 minutes post-game, we had the full box score ready and available. Btw – our client team won the tournament and according to the coach, “our efforts were helped by being powered by Hoopsalytics!”.

Another client, a women’s professional basketball league, live streams their games on YouTube. Using that YouTube link this weekend, we were also able to score the game while it was being played – being able to pause and rewind during multiple-event sequences. Again, after correcting any mistakes (we have built our own Quality Control features that flags errors for correction before the game is submitted), the game results were ready within the same 20-25 minute post-game window.

We have talked with Division 1 universities this summer that are requesting this feature, and in the past with other pro leagues around the world. Hoopsalytics is happy to report we now have live stream scoring available.

If you and your program are interested in this feature, feel free to reach out for a private demo to see the results.

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