How Do I Use Analytics as a Coach and Player?

As we talk with more and more coaches and players, we’re gaining even greater insights into what the Hoopsalytics platform offers to both team analytics and individual player analytics. For example, an AAU coach that I spoke with recently, old-school, asked how does he apply analytics to coaching his summer team. I asked him, “What would you like to learn more about in regards to your team?” “Shooting,” he instantly replied. As Dean Oliver notes, shooting is 40% of the success rate in a W so that was a good start. The Hoopsalytics shot chart and shooting analysis tools allows a coach, and/or a player, to highlight and work on the areas of the floor that they are excellent in and need improvement in. If my team is shooting 24% from 15ft out to the 3pt line, and we’re shooting 24% from the 3pt line, you can be sure we stress NOT taking the long-two.

One of our team clients plays in a professional basketball league called The Basketball League (TBL). There’s a 24-year old guard out of Chicago, Illinois who plays in the league. His season is over and he’s now marketing himself to agents and teams, and recently reach out on how to showcase himself. He has since created a highlight clip using the Hoopsalytics Film Room. We got on a call and asked him what analytics he was going to provide on his résumé to his perspective coach and/or GM? He didn’t know. So we looked at his stats. He found out that he shoots 54% on corner 3’s. If you are a GM or coach who preaches paint touches and draw and kicks to open 3’s, I think you like to know that stat. And, overall, his plus/minus in the last five minutes of games was off the charts, as was his rebounding percentage. As a coach, you’d love to have that knowledge.

There are those and many, many other ways for coaches and players to utilize and differentiate themselves using analytics. To schedule a personal demo on how you can get the most out of your stats, please click here:

Best of luck to all coaches and players on their endeavors this summer to get ready, be ready and stay ready for the school ball season.

-Coach Mike

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