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  • Scoring Profiles: Custom Scoring Panels for Scouting, Scrimmages etc.

    Our most active coaches have asked for a way to make it easy to score different types of basketball games or scenarios. For example, for some scrimmages you may just want to chart shots. Or when scouting an opponent and analyzing their game, you may just want to tag their offensive sets. The Scoring Profile […]

  • How to Create Custom Basketball Stats and Views

    Hoopsalytics makes it easy to create your own custom basketball stats and box score layouts. You can add and remove data, and also change the order in which stats appear. It’s easy to modify the existing Offense, Defense and Key Stats “views”, and create any number of new views. In the example below, I’ve created […]

  • basketba;; shot analysis tool
    Insanely Customizable Basketball Analytics

    As we’re getting more and more top-level coaches to join Hoopsalytics, we continue to get great suggestions on how to make our customizable basketball analytics tool even more useful. One of the recurrent themes we’ve heard is the need for making it easy to track and measure custom events and actions, and to that end […]