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  • Color-coded basketball stat goals
    Custom Color-Coded Basketball Stat Goals

    High-achieving basketball coaches set goals for their team for each game. This allows players to focus on the important parts of the team’s system, and also enforces accountability for the entire team. Hoopsalytics makes it easy to set custom goals, and easily visualize how teams met or failed to meet expectations. Every coach emphasizes different […]

  • Live Stream Scoring is Now … Live!

    Hoopsalytics has come a long way in a short amount of time compared to our competitors. What took almost 20 years for others to build, Hoopsalytics has done in five very productive years. Our own experience as basketball coaches has fueled the growth, but much of the development has been inspired from the input of […]

  • How Do I Use Analytics as a Coach and Player?

    As we talk with more and more coaches and players, we’re gaining even greater insights into what the Hoopsalytics platform offers to both team analytics and individual player analytics. For example, an AAU coach that I spoke with recently, old-school, asked how does he apply analytics to coaching his summer team. I asked him, “What […]

  • Showing improvement in three point shooting.
    Measuring Player Improvement with Trends

    One of the best ways to motivate basketball players is to illustrate how they are improving. With the Hoopsalytics Trends tool, you are able to show progress in a variety of statistical areas from game to game. The graph above shows how one of our players improved his three-point shooting over the course of the […]

  • See What Happened During that Run with the Game Summary

    Basketball is a game of runs, and as a coach it’s helpful to know what went right/wrong during your last game when there was a run. The Game Summary tool in Hoopsalytics can give you valuable insights. As an example, we’re going to look at a game between UConn and St. Johns from 2024. UConn […]

  • Player impact Net
    Our Lowest Scorer is Our Best Offensive Player

    One of the coolest things about basketball and analytics is how different people can contribute, even in ways that defy common sense. Here’s a recent example from my AAU club team. Remy is second-to-last in points scored, last in assists, yet our team is the most productive offensively when he’s on the floor. The above […]

  • Basketball score and margin graph for St. Johns vs Connecticut
    St. John’s v. UConn. What Happened?

    On Saturday, February 3, 2024, the St. John’s MBB team had #1 UConn right where they wanted: up a point with 13 minutes left in the game, on their home away from home court, Madison Square Garden. The Garden crowd was rocking like it was 1985, when the Big East ruled supreme. But what happened? […]

  • Basketball Player On/Off Analytics
    Basketball Analytics – Who Are Your Best Players (Part 2)

    Using team stats for when a player is on the floor is a good way to get insight into who deserves more playing time. Our previous article shows how to use Player Impact ON the floor to get a good idea of who your best performers are. But what about the absence of a player […]

  • Player Impact on Plays and Sets

    As a coach, I’m always trying to place my players in sets and actions that are best suited for their skills. Many coaches rely on the “eye test”, or assumptions about a player’s ability, but having analytics to back up or challenge your perceptions of a player can help you make the best possible decisions. […]

  • Why You Can’t Always Trust Plus/Minus

    Our team is now 15 games into the season, and with that many games played it is a great opportunity to evaluate playing time and lineup combos. As I was noodling around, I discovered some lineup combinations with a great plus/minus, and a mediocre net points-per-possession (Net PPP). Here’s the example: When we substitute, there’s […]