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  • Basketball score and margin graph for St. Johns vs Connecticut
    St. John’s v. UConn. What Happened?

    On Saturday, February 3, 2024, the St. John’s MBB team had #1 UConn right where they wanted: up a point with 13 minutes left in the game, on their home away from home court, Madison Square Garden. The Garden crowd was rocking like it was 1985, when the Big East ruled supreme. But what happened? […]

  • Basketball Player On/Off Analytics
    Basketball Analytics – Who Are Your Best Players (Part 2)

    Using team stats for when a player is on the floor is a good way to get insight into who deserves more playing time. Our previous article shows how to use Player Impact ON the floor to get a good idea of who your best performers are. But what about the absence of a player […]

  • Player Impact on Plays and Sets

    As a coach, I’m always trying to place my players in sets and actions that are best suited for their skills. Many coaches rely on the “eye test”, or assumptions about a player’s ability, but having analytics to back up or challenge your perceptions of a player can help you make the best possible decisions. […]

  • Why You Can’t Always Trust Plus/Minus

    Our team is now 15 games into the season, and with that many games played it is a great opportunity to evaluate playing time and lineup combos. As I was noodling around, I discovered some lineup combinations with a great plus/minus, and a mediocre net points-per-possession (Net PPP). Here’s the example: When we substitute, there’s […]

  • Visualizing Player Performance

    A couple of years ago, I had a fairly talented team, with one player who was a really accurate three-point shooter in practice. Ryan even won a three-point shooting contest at a Christmas tournament. However, her main sport was golf, and I was concerned about her stamina. So over the course of the season, I […]

  • Basketball Analytics – Who Are Your Best Players?

    Most of you are probably at least 10 games into your season by now, which is a great opportunity to REALLY determine who your most productive players are – both offensively and defensively. Defense in particular is not well evaluated by traditional stats. Every top-level team uses analytics to determine player rotations and playing time, […]

  • Joel Soriano Putting Up Player of the Year Numbers

    St. John’s University Men’s Basketball (@StJohnsBBall, @stjohnsbball) center Joel Soriano (@joelsoriano22) is off to a roaring start to the 2023-24 season, posting a team-high of 17.4 points in 27:23 minutes per game through the first nine games of the year. Soriano is an outstanding +67 for the season, and his Value Points System of 2.60 […]

  • basketball analytics for fouling frequency
    Minimizing Fouling in Bonus Situations with Analytics

    It’s almost always a bad idea to foul in a basketball game, but now with the new foul shooting rules from NFHS for high schools in the USA, it’s even more important to minimize fouling at the end part of quarters. Specifically, teams will shoot two free throws after the fifth foul has been committed […]

  • Live vs Dead ball turnovers - NBA
    Live Ball Turnovers vs. Dead Ball Turnovers

    As much as we basketball coaches hate giving up turnovers, and love forcing them, not all turnovers are created equal. Dead ball turnovers (like throwing the ball out-of-bounds) result in an inbounds play, while live ball turnovers (like a steal) keep action going. Defensively, a live ball turnover is more likely to end in a […]