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  • Player impact Net
    Our Lowest Scorer is Our Best Offensive Player

    One of the coolest things about basketball and analytics is how different people can contribute, even in ways that defy common sense. Here’s a recent example from my AAU club team. Remy is second-to-last in points scored, last in assists, yet our team is the most productive offensively when he’s on the floor. The above […]

  • Joel Soriano Putting Up Player of the Year Numbers

    St. John’s University Men’s Basketball (@StJohnsBBall, @stjohnsbball) center Joel Soriano (@joelsoriano22) is off to a roaring start to the 2023-24 season, posting a team-high of 17.4 points in 27:23 minutes per game through the first nine games of the year. Soriano is an outstanding +67 for the season, and his Value Points System of 2.60 […]

  • Why I Was Late to the Analytics Game

    As a high school and college player in the 80’s, ESPN had just been invented. Basketball film study was limited and done with VHS tape and incredible amounts of snail mail from coach to coach. Player visibility and much of recruiting was largely limited to in-person visits. Not only that, in the late 70’s, the […]

  • TS% and why it matters

    True Shooting percentage (TS%) is an advanced statistic that measures a player’s efficiency at shooting the ball. It is intended to more accurately calculate a player’s shooting than field goal percentage, free throw percentage, and three-point field goal percentage taken individually. Two- and three-point field goals and free throws are all considered in its calculation, […]

  • Summer Camps and Clinics

    As summer camp and basketball clinic season begins, players are looking to work on the individual and team skills that will elevate their game. If you’re not getting better over the summer, the competition is sprinting past you. It is advisable to absorb instruction and play with a purpose. By challenging yourself to figure out […]

  • Catching Up With Coaches

    We appreciate all of the suggestions and comments from coaches across the country and world that are getting tuned in and turned on to the many advantages of using the Hoopsalytics Advanced Basketball Analysis System. From Australia to Europe and across the U.S., here are a recent sampling of coaches comments and what they are […]

  • Offensive and Defensive Specification Customization

    During the course of an amazing summer we have had the opportunity to meet with and talk to an assortment of dedicated basketball coaches from youth leagues to Division 1. The top analytical coaches are interested in being able to track their personalized specifications.  For example, how successful is our 4-out-1-in set offense?  What group […]

  • Finding the best strategies to be competitive

    As the daily morning open gym run continues through July, the feeling that the season is coming soon abounds. That is mostly due to looking at the varsity team starting lineup and players and spots available combined with the style of the head coach to determine who will take the two available starting jobs, and […]

  • Getting Ready Time

    High school summer basketball practice and tournament game play in California is in full-steam-ahead mode as seniors graduate and the underclassmen assume the responsibility of the vacancy above.  No doubt there is a pecking order – unofficial, of course – among the players over playing time which hopefully leads to spirited competition.  As a former […]